Dave Harris in 2009, Victoria BC

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi everyone! It has been suggested to me that this looks like an inactive blog and that I should update it. The post below contains the ordering info and paypal button for my book (which came out in Feb 2012). It is working just fine and please do use it to order books from me. Make sure you pick the right shipping or contact me at daveharrisonemanband (at) gmail (dot) com. The book is a 416 page, high quality glossy print, full colour, hardcover with info or mentions of over 900 one man/woman bands (OMB/OWBs). It has over 1200 images (photos, illustrations etc) including many unavailable elsewhere (a whole collection on Jesse Fuller, for example). Reviews have been excellent, both in blogs and in magazines. I'll try to put some up here eventually. I have a facebook group devoted to the book and genre, called Head, Hands & Feet - OMB Book. Thanks for stopping by!

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